To vet information before we believe it or discredit it


As much as Truth is giving an accurate information. This means we may choose to speak the truth or decline

We have the privilege of self-expression, yet we are bound to speak/share truth.

In fact, Truth is a personal responsibility of each and everyone of us; which means that we have to verify information before personal consumption or public dissemination. (1 Cor 2:13).

Question 1
Are we bound to verify ALL information that comes to us before we disseminate or act on them?

There are some informative websites dedicated to the expansion of the frontiers of human knowledge.
You can always use those sites as a yardstick for measuring the accuracy of information.
For example, there was a loan opportunity you shared a few days back, done in consonance with the CBN. To verify such an info, you could go to and check out the CBN circulars that corroborate the information shared.

You can also consult experts in the field where such information emanates from.
This would go a long way in helping you sieve information before acting on it or sharing it.

Question 2
What do people gain when they deliberately spread wrong information?


  • Fun
  • For political gains
  • Ethnic and religious bigotry
  • For slander and deliberate misinformation and above all there is however one cogent point most of us ignore – IDLENESS! It makes you develop a warped sense of reality. Some of the people who share the wrong info know it is false but still vehemently defend it atimes and it could be psychological atimes.

Question 3
How do I figure out which website to visit when I want to verify an information?

If the information relates to the American government, visit the webpage of the American government. If it relates to the Nigerian government, do the same.
If it has to do with some obscure animal or stuff, there’s the National Geographic and the Encyclopedia Britannica etc. I believe there are verified and trusted sites and people who are versed in every field where doubts as to authenticity of information may arise.

Question 4
In case of social media news, like the news of the government writing on elon musk twitter status asking for help and The Issue of BVN to give people money during covid….HOW DO YOU VERIFY THAT….Because obviously such news will not be on government certified sites?

You can go to the verified Twitter handle of the ministry of finance and the verified Twitter handle of Elon Musk/Tesla Autos.

Listening to news, presidential Task Force are answering questions on Covid 19, question of different people on twitter and other platform. You can ask question by sending message via twitter to different media house they will help you send them across.

Question 5
Aside from checking verified social media handles, websites or asking a professional…. Are there other ways I could confirm a BC that was sent to me eg
… Hausa men are using hypo to wash mango, stop buying mango share with all your contacts
How can I confirm such?

Question the person who sent it to you.

Question 6
Do circulating or broadcast videos follow the same method of verification?


Moderated By: Patrickson Teri Wellinton


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