The Growing Culture of Nudity


It is possible to shun distractions while chasing for your dreams,one cannot protect the other where the important things in life actually needs attention where the “occasion demands fit”. Let’s try figure what we have ahead of us; there’s a father who asked his daughter fixing a  screen guard on her phone,

Father: what are you doing?

Daughter: I’m fixing up my screen guard on my handset.

Father: (curiously watching her)woow,that’s beautiful but what made you think your handset needs this screen guard?

Daughter: my phone always falls down with the screen often broken.&its quite expensive to fix a whole new one.but with the screen guard, it will protect its body.

Father: hmmm… This seems thoughtful of you.(nodding his head with a little grin on his face).but one thing now if I tell you to always put up good clothes to cover all your body when going for holy mass or any of your outings what comes to your mind?

Daughter: (she looks @ her father’s face & looks down on her short gown.with a remorseful silent look).

So what is Nudity to you? Does nudity really make you chose it as a lifestyle? Nudity in the modest sense, is absolutely the due exposure of private parts of the human body. Of course we were created with it,fashioned beautifully with it and now it has now been an ungodly topic to a few why?  Because the more we humans feed our body with what it needs the more the body responds. The Holy Scriptures says  from that moment our first parents ate of the forbidden fruit,their eyes opened and they found out that they were naked and went to hid themselves.

Nakedness once housed the real awakening Spirit Of God just like as they were created in His Image so the more they felt insecure,the more they realised their disobedience. It was difficult to go back being used to enjoy the legacy of the Presence of God but they now have to clothe themselves to  retain some decency and struggle to earn His Mercy. Unlike Adam&Eve,many young adults today are not tolerant about keeping their bodies in check all just because beauty is a big value to them. The necessity to pull into the weight of others has led to the “Modern fashion models” where there is an uncontrolled desire.they usually say “To build a morally virile society we ought to expose the real fears of an average youth by giving him or her the right sex education. By lessons the least they could grab is the gravity of chances they seldom have when such abnormal occurrences proves tough to deal with.withdrawing from your responsibilities because the overwhelming work schedule can only do little to prevent a mental breakdown of a child. nudity is a dangerous culture which can lead to prostitution. It is well believed as  disturbing & a addiction to fall into wrong places such like kidnap,club parties,swimming pool e.t.c.

Everyone is entitled to what he or she wants but when that desire isn’t checked it becomes a feeling called LUST. One of the first objects of attraction to see in our streets apart from the stretch of modern beautiful buildings & vehicles is the ” half naked clothing worn by these naturally gifted young individuals who aimlessly strut around the streets that is to say; have these set of individuals gone through some effective communication,consultation needs on what the world around them frowns or delights towards their mode of dressing? Are there a group of young adults who are very much aware what they wear affects their attitude to walk,work& worship? and are they fully committed to become better persons by being addressed the way they dress? .To every right thinking individual, the destiny we pray to have as successful is deeply rooted in the right clothing at the right places.

Nevertheless,only a few knows that the common trend of half-naked culture is a newfound model by the devil to add many souls under his watchlist.Character is the only thing that will go to heaven but it must define its ideals in a person before such persons can make a particular decision on the kind of lives he/she ought to live from the past to the present It is really disturbing that almost 89% of our young adults and personalities who do see themselves as good exemplary characters are sending the wrong messages of these half-naked clothing they wear,to them it seems like a brand to improve on their natural looks with a “blind mindset”.needless to say,some of these intelligent individuals now market their dresscodes to draw the wrong impression on themselves.  You can’t wear see-through lace to attract Mr Right from a pure heart. Your Spiritual will always control the physical anywhere in the universe you find yourself to be. The children that are fond of these “sagging,open cleavage&cult-heroes hair dress culture” are the vulnerable ones to sexual assaults,kidnap& even mistaken drug/fraudsters from friends, relatives, parents & security agents respectively. Nudity is unholy thus it’s a dreadful culture with the innocent ones be led as “slaves” to it.

However the most influential part of these nude culture is from the social media and how it introduces it’s impact to children upbringing. it is believed as young Christians,we ought to shun what contaminates or infects the godly life we choose to live, “whatever things are pure, whatever things are holy,whatever things are good,do them to the glory of God” reads a small verse from the Bible.These perceptions are facing a dilemma on what is viewed as contents in our phones,TV shows & even at the theatre stage to the extent that many don’t see any wrong in adding tattoos to their body  whereas,that is a borrowed culture from some mythical beliefs or religions th@ reveals nothing about us and only draws the wrong people into our views. We tend to give in a urge to our sexual views when faced with any pornographic content, Romantic shows like BBNaija,E-entertainment,keeping up with the kardashians,zee-world and the many secular songs in our iPhone and android phone lists.The forces behind these contents are so powerful that they can ruin good thoughts & subject such individuals to some impure conducts where the uninspiring and uncharacteristic attitude is displayed with “utter loyalty”.The celebs we pay to watch, engage themselves with these out-of-sorts clothes to weddings,church or on tv shows these days to gather more lucrative deals,have more fans as par being on the competitive edge on with their fellow colleagues after them.The  numbers that “lust” after these personalities is maybe more than the products put up by the advertising companies as partners. These nude shows becomes more enterprising with even to a transgender!.

Finally,the nudity culture has gained more grounds to be seen as a make-shift leisure with its negative impact being converted gradually into some comedy,comic contents in like manner to get it overlooked some day. We don’t need to be told that these are the devil’s mischievous plots to ruin our lives. No wonder the Bible encourages us to ” stay awake”,it can’t be curbed without good parenting,which is very fundamental in the development of children as tight measures to check on the kind of friends we keep & the tendencies we may find ourselves to effect some change in our attitude to right dressing. Self control is intertwined with a disciplined life which is one of the ingredients of good upbringing we ought not to deviate from. There has to be the right counselling for our gifted youths to use their body as the “Temple of the Most High God”. We can’t live our lives right until we shun indecent dressing. It spells some degree of creativity to give out what we ought to be and never feel inferior around others. Once for all, DRESS THE WAY YOU LOVE TO BE ADDRESS ED

I rest my pen here…

Author: Francis Adigwe