The Family and the disaster of Incest


What are the possible factors that cause or bring about the evil of incest in families?

There are uncountable factors that necessitate the mortal sin of incest. Innumerable examples of the early beginnings of it have been put forward by many people. The following instances could help us understand how incest begins in most families.

A man was once asked: how many children would you and your wife like to give birth to?

He responded very quickly, saying: TWELVE! We must, however readily take note that this man, in question, does not have anything – he is very poor. So, you can imagine what the outcome of giving birth to twelve children would be in a very poor family like his.

Would it be a surprise that all the twelve children would often retire in one and the same room?

Can they not engage in the act of pepping into their parents’ bedroom mainly when they are having their most blessed conjugal (intercourse) relationship?

Would they not subsequently want to experiment what they had observed their parents doing? Now, this may sound very untrue. But, alas, I have actually heard children analysing what they saw mummy and daddy doing in the bedroom.

There is yet another instance of the causes of incest. A little girl of about twelve years of age once shared an extremely shocking experience with me. “Brother, she asked, is it bad to have sex with my elder brother?” She started crying when she realized, from my answer (Leviticus 18:6-18; 20:11-21; Deuteronomy 27:20-23; Genesis 19:30-38; 35:22), that she has been involving herself in a serious sin against God.

Now, it is clear, from this, that she was very ignorant of the consequences of such horrible experience with her elder brother. She simply does not know the weight of what she has been doing with her elder brother. Why?

The most obvious answer is that she hasn’t been properly educated. However, from my subsequent interactions with her, it was discovered that, as a girl from an extremely rich family, she had a television set in her room. Her elder brother in question (who was, at that time, fourteen years of age) was also privileged to have the same set of gadget in his own room. His sinful relationship of incest with his younger sister began when he invited her over to his own room – daddy and mummy had gone to work. They wanted to experiment, that is, put into practice, what they saw in a movie. But, sadly, this experimentation turned out to be a habit that could only take the grace God to overcome.

From the above illustrations, we can readily conclude that: (1) incest could be caused by poor family planning and (2) parents’ negligence of their duties, in other words, poor parental control or upbringing of children. When parents fail to plan and give birth to children they can care for, they also would fail, (in what exactly is their primary duty) when it comes to taking care of the needs of these children. So, there should be proper family planning.

Thus, parents should only bring forth the number of children they can conveniently bring up in the fear and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is also a need for parents to learn how to listen to their children. Parents should be approachable – they must not put on looks that would, rather than bring their children closer, take them many miles away from them.

Additionally, there is really no need for parents to install television set in their children’s rooms. This is very essential especially in our time when pornography is almost the order of the day. It is also not important for parents to buy phones with innumerable sophisticated applications that might still expose them to pornography. Parents must also be careful about what they say or do before their children. It is what the children see them doing that they believe to be true. Children often like to put into practice what they set their eyes on.

From all that we have said above, it is clear that the habit of incest begins to grow from the period of childhood. This is most prominent in families where there exists poor family planning and parents’ negligence of duty.

Notwithstanding, some people have argued that incest could be a psychological disorder. But, we believe that it begins to develop right from childhood. Thus, our most ardent recommendation is that parents and guardians should take care that children avoid activities that lead to incest as possible as they can.

Author: Bro Samuel Akalite