Testimonials / Testimonies of PYF members

Some know me as kenchizy😁😁😁
I joined pyf around September 2011
I was told about the fellowship by a formal neighbor Dominic Chigbo after so many persuasion for weeks i decided to follow him to know wat dis family he is always taking about is like I came and sat in the middle row and in front it was a beautiful talk i and think the speaker was invited I loved every bit of it, it was something unusually different from things am used to in church, like i responded wen chychy the den secretary asked for new comers to stand up i got up and she asked how did u find d fellowship? With smile on my face i said it was amazing and i can feel the positive spirit around the fellowship and am always skeptical wen it comes to the gathering of youths i don't attend any youth gatherings but from wat i saw on dat day my coming back was obviously obvious and dat was exactly how my journey with dis wonderful family began
One family

Testimonial Kennedy Onwuneme
Kennedy Onwuneme

I joined the pyf 1998 bur can't remember the month any more,I was invited by Cecilia akande n the late chidima may her gentle soul rest in peace.i was very impressed on my first day @ d f/ship so I Neva stopped coming n I came on that day because I love d manners in which I was recruited n was spoke to as wel,One big family....#in Fortune's voice.

Testimonial Hagnex Idang
Hagnex Idang

I had this yearning in my heart to be in the midst of young Catholics who had a burning desire for God. I needed a place where minutes won't be read, phones will be kept aside, and love will abound. Everyone I asked said it can only be found outside the church. I talked to God about it and one sunday afternoon, He showed me PYF in the bulletin and took me out of the house, it was intercessory Sunday and Bro Chidi was the instrument God used that day.
In addition, I bumped into @Joseph Ogundare who told me not to leave the family.

Well here I am today

Testimonial Ugochi Obi
Ugochi Obi

I joined Pyf long long time ago: cant recall the year though.
I was moved from the then charismatic children group class when i became a teenager by brother Joe who used to flog us then very well as well as force memory verses into our heads then(wonder where he is nowπŸ€”)

Then school happened(outside Lagos) and i vanished but i am back now.

Wasn't consistent when i returned, but made it a resolution to be this year.
But you know how resolution are nah, i hope i dont break em sooner than i expect (nah joke i dey joke ooo🀣🀣🀣🀣)

But i am here to stay.

I impressed by the series i have attended so far and will do my best to continue

Testimonial Okey Okoye
Okey Okoye

I joined PYF in 1993 or 1994 ( now am getting old, john help me o...not sure of d month though.

Who invited you: I got a tract after a Sunday Mass

How you saw your first day: Spiritually magneting ( pardon d word), fulfilling. Was as if we should not close, from d praise, to d sharing of d word, d atmosphere was that of those who were there because they wanted more of God. I got hooked from that time.

Why you came that day: I am from a Muslim background. I had left d muslim religion in 1987 to join d Catholic church. My father did not find it funny. But he said, if your life will not be like that of d Jesus d Christians talk about, then stay in d religion we all practice. I did not listen, i wanted something different. To cut d story short, i joined catechism, got baptised in 1988. Our parish priest stopped us from taking communion insisting on more catechism. In 1989, we started receiving and in 1990 got confirmed. I still wanted more because my life was still d same. I could not tell why. Out of frustration i left d church &Christianity altogether. Went back to my old life. All i had was head knowledge no heart connection. I could answer catechism questions but that was all. However, in 1993, a near death experience woke me up. I knew heaven & hell was real so i became very afraid from that moment. I started living in fear. At that period, i stumbled on a program d 700 club for d first time on dstv... That night ,d presenter said there was someone watching d program who was living in deep fear. He requested that d tv be touched and i did repeating d prayer he prayed. It was d prayer of conversion and also d prayer of rebuking fear. A soon as he prayed and rebuked fear, something left me. I felt it. All of a sudden, peace settled in me. To cut d story short, i started praying to God to guide me on which church to go back to. For over six months i prayed but kept watching christian programs, reading my bible and praying. One day, something settled inside of me, you are going back to the church were u got baptized. That week i struggled with it but i obeyed. It was on d Sunday i went back to d catholic church that i got that Tract of d pyf. Amazing right...So i went d following day because i wanted more of God. It gave me a new experience. They even helped me appreciate d mass better. Let me stop here....because d story continued to how they helped me grow. But will stop here.

Testimonial Joseph Ogundare
Joseph Ogundare

So, the year was 2011, sometime in the month of January.
It was a Youth week if I remember clearly which was organised by CYON and coordinated by Pyf in memory of Saint Johns Bosco, the patron youth Saint.
I participated in the weekday teachings, seminars and all, and I was held in awe by the level of excellence with which my fellow youths organised and managed the program. Sitting there in the audience I said to myself,`` whoever this people, I got to be part of them.``
My mind was blown away at the praise night, held at front of ycc hall. The praise night was scheduled to round of the youth week. That very night, just before the program started, as I was walking towards the front YCC hall I was greeted by the sound of this powerful gospel song, the ambience, vibe and feel of that was for me heavenly to say the least. I felt absolute peace and love in my spirit, and I said to myself, this is the place to be.

I later made inquiry about who organised the program and I was told The PYF. I was told about their fellowship held every Sunday and the venue. On the Sunday, I had to locate them.
I joined the family.

It was one of the best decisions of my youth. I met great minds. Very intelligent young people that bring out the best in you.
I had the opportunity to handle tasks that stretched the limits of my intelligence. My confidence was built. My character was shaped.

I love this Family Forever.
One Family.

Testimonial Ossai Chidiebere Kelvin
Ossai Chidiebere Kelvin

How did I Join the Parish Youth Fellowship???
-Prelude to my joining the fellowship,I was a member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal {CCR} and a member of the teaching ministry at the time.
-I was an ardent member of the renewal for 3yrs,after which, there came the need to affect lives of youths of the parish in virtue of the trainings I had received... But I kept thinking!
-And so it was in the year 1994, when a sister from the charismatic whom I had bonded with in training,by name Faustina,invited me,infact came over to my home and literally dragged me off the interesting television programme I was absorbed watching at the time, which my mum granted permission.
Just to note that fellowship meetings were held on Mondays as opposed to Sundays that you have it now
-On arrival at the fellowship venue,I was utterly shocked to realize and understand that I was one of the youngest members and wondered as to how to cope with adults as old as my uncles,as a teen.
-Then Coordinator was bro Evaristus and the array of members of the executive seated at the high table was scary.
-Whenever I came late for meetings,all eyes were on you as though to flog you.
-I was amazed at the co-ordinator's in depth analysis of the bible, written in his own hand writing,all summarised as a book.
-Members were well grounded and I learnt a lot even at such tender years of my life as a teenager....since then,I never looked back.
-I clocked 20 years in the year 2014,and thus decided to give younger members the chance of growth as I was.
Many more stories,but please,let me rest it here for the now.
My name is John Emelife but I am also known as Emelife's Corner
One Family...

Testimonial John Emelife
John Emelife

I got to know PYF last year April, which bro PETER OKO introduced me to,DAT was after evening mass DAT Sunday.I was so happy, can't wait for d next Sunday to b in d fellowship. My first Sunday in d fellowship was motivating,inspiring it was a wow.DAT was d Sunday bro Michael and sis Vivian talked abt their success.....DAT same day I joined d singing group shape shape no need to think abt it caused I knew I was at d right place.
In dis family I find Joy,I find courage, I find inspiration and confidence...God bless this family. I love you all

Testimonial Ogbonna Elizabeth Ogechukwu
Ogbonna Elizabeth Ogechukwu

I was invited by our secretary Sis Ogbugo Veronica after much persuasion from her cus she doesnt take NO for an Answer, as at 2017 but wasnt fully active cus i wasnt stable in lagos. I must say the family is a place to be. I joined the Singing and Drama group same day also
One Family

Testimonial Nzenwata Precious
Nzenwata Precious

I was invited by our secretary Sis Ogbugo Veronica after much persuasion from her cus she doesnt take NO for an Answer, the very first month she joined, but i wasn't interested. I must say the family is a place to be. I joined the intercessory group and Singing group.
One Family

Testimonial Ogbugo Gladys
Ogbugo Gladys

I joined PYF in 2004. Just walked into the fellowship that fateful Sunday.. Remember the first time I wore a striped yellow and white shirt, which someone made a comment on..
Highpoints? @Taiwo PYF s high pitched baritone voice when he led the praise and worship, with deep perspiration.
@Joseph Ogundare s awesome messages
The grouping of members into smaller units during fellowships to discuss varying interesting topics , which enabled better participation, especially amongst members that usually stayed quiet during meetings.
Then pharmacy school came. Then internship, NYSC, work, and life in the FCT for a number of years took me away. I came back to Lagos for a contract job and rejoined the family. Then Abuja called again...till date.

Still gat PYF in the heart... 25 years and going stronger. That's wonderful. One family...

Testimonial Chika Dike
Chika Dike

I was in welfare committee back then, I joined PYF 2012, I joined because I needed Catholic youth around apart from CYON, after I left NFCS the Catholic life became boring. I attended one of the thanks giving mass on that day and was amazed on the turn out of PYF members during the thanks giving of a member, it really inspired me, it was the following Sunday I found myself in a home of worship, my ideas about Catholic youth changed from that moment. I also want to use this opportunity to thank the welfare dept and all members present during my wedding 5 years ago at Ikorodu, for their consistent calls and sms during my Birthday. I pray this family will continue to increase and we will have every reason to glorify the lord, am now a CMO executive in my parish I don't know if am still welcome as a PYF.πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚

Testimonial Nicholas Osime
Nicholas Osime

Before my coming into PYF I used to attend CCR because my aunt took me there but still not a regular member.
One faithful Sunday in the year 1999 I prepared and left my house for Charismatics but unknown to me they went on evangelism outside Lagos and I decided not to go home in a hurry but to hang around church premises while walking around I had people clapping singing & praising God above the parish bookshop I decided to join them because they were actually Youth.
What glued me to PYF was when I lost my mum in 2007 they came to the wake-keep and showed me love & I felt comforted.
At a point in 2007 i left d Catholic church and d PYF for two years. It was Jesus that called me back telling me that I have an assignment that I must go and carry out in the Catholic church(this was a Clear revelation).
Just need to stop here but need to leave you with this; in the PYF I found:-
Unity &

Testimonial Ezegwu Emmanuel
Ezegwu Emmanuel

I joined the parish youth fellowship a year before our 20th anniversary (can't remember the year thou).... The holy spirit invited me to the fellowship when I followed my mum to Catholic Charismatic Renewal (me and my friends only intention then was earn beautiful girls heart with our sense of humor and sweet mouth even though mum wants us to know God the more but we choose to know girls the more which favoured us cos we were accomplishing our goals πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ na me dey even force mumsy to go Charismatic meeting) while prayers were going in Charismatic Renewal (front of YCC Hall) one faithful Sunday, I sighted one beautiful damsel and I told my mum am coming I wants to use the rest room πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I waka reach school block I no see the babe again na so holy spirit arrest me Oooo.... I heard people calling Jesus! Jesus!! Up stairs in old pastor's conference room, I said to myself what happen Jesus again, abi the Pharisees resell am na so I say make I go check Oooo. When I got there I saw youths sharing their thoughts, I sat down and was watching until the end. New members were ask to stand up which I did, introduced myself and told Chichi the then secretary that I heard Jesus Jesus that's why I came... After fellowship she (chichi) told me the different group of the fellowship and asked which one I would love to join and then the drama group was about to have a presentation so I join the drama group from which I joined the word group through the influence of bro Dominic Owu, so since then I have been dedicated to the parish youth fellowship... With this few reviews of mine I hope I have being able to convince not confuse that PYF is indeed a lovely place to be

Testimonial Egbo Chinaedu Jude (Mc Judicious)
Egbo Chinaedu Jude (Mc Judicious)

I think I have been in fellowship Longer than I can remember. But with these few names, a few person's Can probably help me out with the year. Who remembers Peter Alleluia?? Peter Nwankwo, Dominic Awo Chris Elomien, chychy, Joseph Ogundare?? Yes, 'v been in pyf for that long. Though a little off and on, but trust me, Pyf has always been my Home. No matter where I am, pyf is always on my mind.my Name is Ejikam Sylvia. Long live Pyf.

Testimonial Ejikam Sylvia
Ejikam Sylvia

I joined Pyf around 2011/2012. I was invited by brother Kennedy Onwuneme who saw me passing by at Sabo market with my sister's kid(s) and briefed me about the fellowship. I decided to give it a try and showed up one Sunday like that and right there and then I felt hunger burning inside me to stay strongly connected with this family and that same hunger plus how amazing and loving this lovely family has been kept and still keeps me bonded with this great family. I just want to use this medium to say thank you first to Bro Kennedy Onwuneme for the invitation and also to encourage him in the work of evangelism. I also want to thank pyf members in a very special way for the inexplicable love that I have received through everyone of us especially the love shown to me by Pyf when I lost my dad. I love pyf and will always do. One family.

Testimonial Obidile Maryqueen C.
Obidile Maryqueen C.

When you joined.. month and year : July 2006
Who invited you: Late bro Vincent Akpalla

How you saw your first day: To be honest I had no expectations, but the singing ministry caught my attention/spirit and loved the gathering of youths I found myself.

Why you came that day: I was actually forced to come to fellowship, I just finished secondary sch and came to church, I used to attend the 11am mass without fail since I was born, but that faithful day, Bro Vin saw me and my mum coming out of the bookshop in front of the toilet now the Redcross/ firstaid centre, I had just finished following my mum for her Sunday rounds of ``ekenemaria`` and he goes straight to my mum and tells her or should I say order her that I must come for fellowship, gave her the details. At the time, if a priest told my mum to flog us every morning, she will do it diligently, so I knew what was coming and I just rolled my eyes. This was about 2.15pm and I was forced to come back at 4pm.
Subsequently, my dad wasn't comfortable with my coming to fellowship and I used to sneak out to come to fellowship and go home and get beaten.
But guess what, it was the best decision I ever made. I gave my life to Jesus in PYF and joined the singing ministry, which I headed for a short while, I learnt communal spirit from this family. I was deeply rooted in the word and enjoyed the presence of the holyspirit in my life..the feeling was awesome.

The highlight of my stay in Pyf was in 2008 when my younger brother passed away, the love was overwhelming. The visitation was emotional. Bro Chris Eliomen(But pls forgive my spelling) would come to my house while I was in school and singlehanded planned the booking of mass and took care of the church, Bro John was on ground to take the readings, Peter Alleluia (esangbedo) The Alli siblings, Nkem, kelechi of singing group ( who remebers her), although it was a working day the turnout was... Jesus! I'm still in AWE
That day I got myself an extended family full of love.
I left the shores shortly after and they will call and send me palmflet, T-shirt and all...just to keep me in the fold.
I am a proud product of PYF, I took my spiritual baby, crawl and steps in PYF. 13 years have gone by and God have been faithful...
Since my return I haven't been faithful. I hope you will bear with me and manage my busy schedule and my dropbys. Bro Fortune took us to BCW to deal with the good stress and left us to come back to PYF

Pls pls forgive my very long post...i get emotional about PYF

Testimonial Claire Awele Okonma
Claire Awele Okonma

I joined in 2016 after I saw a notice in the bulletin.

Had just graduated from Uni. and was seriously looking to keep fanning the flame and there was also the matter of NFCS fellowship that I could no longer attend.

On my first day, @Peter PYF was the speaker and I thought to myself after his talk, 'What a fantastic speaker!'. Seeing so many gifted young people who had an instinct for eternity, I couldn't pass on the opportunity to learn and grow with the family.

Why I came that day?
If I'm spiritually sharper today, part of the reason is because the Holy Spirit inspired me to take that bulletin notice seriously. And I met people in the Pyf who continue to inspire and motivate me to build a relationship with God. It's happening nowπŸ˜‡

I'll always be grateful to the PYF for giving me so much; especially my Word Group people who are all great teachers and awesome inspirations.

The journey continues...

Testimonial Orakwe John
Orakwe John

I joined the Pyf In 2010, I saw the invitation on my buletin, and I decided to come .and I was so inspired that I made up my mind to stay.
Since then God has changed me for good. ,I discovered a better me. I understood what it means to be a true Christian, and what the Catholic faith is all about . Before I joined the family ,I use to be so timid ,and reserved. But God made me bold , free and more cheerful now i can do what I feel I can't do. May God be praised ,and may he continue to bless this family ! Love you all!

Testimonial Agatha Chukwuejim
Agatha Chukwuejim

I attended my first PYF meeting sometime in 2017. Bro Peter invited me and he also discussed a topic that day. The love in the house was massive and you will also notice the love of Christ within the youths of the fellowship. I look forward to being part of the family once I settle in fully

Testimonial Charles Nwosu
Charles Nwosu

I joined the PYF 9-10years ago when John Emelife was the coordinator.My brother's friend by the name Muki literally dragged me to make sure I joined.
Was in another Parish and was hungry for something different.Peter Nwankwo my brother had told me about the fellowship practically by bringing home packs of food ,meat and drinks.was curious about a group in the Catholic church that would share this kind of quantity of edibles as take home packs in the name of love feast.
The first day I joined, I met people like Chris Elomien ,ifeoma and Susan umeh(nee),Peter alleluia, Dominic Awo ,chichi, Franklin and theresa Ali many great preachers,singers and fun loving people with great spiritual consciousness.
I won't forget people like my personal persons like mike oyiji,chidi egwuh,ugochukwu osigwe,my wife etc
I never knew I was gifted in prayer until I joined PYF.
The first thing that connected me to other members was FAFing(fellowship after fellowship)
Then came the Advent of nme-nme group where people like Esther and chiedu ,John Ebirim,my brother,mike etc
Then came the advent of visiting members on a regular basis.
PYF came enmass for my father's need for donation of blood which I will never forget.
The intercessory group was my total turning point lead by the then coordinator chidi egwu.
Life has been interesting all through in PYF till date,it's a family you can detach from even though you are far away.
You all are so dear to me,I love you all too.

Testimonial Clement Nwankwo
Clement Nwankwo

I joined July 2016.
I was invited by Fredo. Had met him in mass and we shared the hymn book and reading which he read from the group chat and that was how I got to know of Parish youth fellowship. Stumbled upon it on my St Anthony Feast day(the celebration) I won't forget. And that day bro Joseph was preaching. I had always wanted so where I can learn about the word more and grow more than what was thought at St Dominics(had just moved from Badore, Ajah to Yaba. Was going through alot and was lonely and all) my spirit was just confirming Bro Joseph's preaching and at that moment I knew I was home. This was just where I was supposed to be. I found a family in PYF. I found somewhere I can learn, grow, relate and be happy and yea it is still Catholic too. Even though I might not be the very social type and I do keep to myself alot, PYF is one of the closest thing to family to me at the moment and I hold this fellowship dear to my heart.

Testimonial Silva Nwankwo
Silva Nwankwo

When do U joined ?-I joined #PYF in 2016
How do U join ? I got to know about the Parish Youth Fellowship Through the parish Bulletin,
Previously I haven't heard of the word fellowship in the Catholic Church so when I first Saw the Word fellowship +Youth +Catholic I said let me go and find out what this fellowship is all about.
Though I just did my confirmation and was a legionary but still looking for a way to keep that fire burning so i decided that any Youth society will be my second option.
So that fateful day,I refused to go to shop that Sunday (I was managing super mkt then) and said let me join the fellowship which I Did
Your first day ? I was inspired by the speaker, can't remember the speaker ,but the warm reception was something else @ejikem Sylvia was the secretary then and since that day I have always been part of the family.

Testimonial Peter Oko
Peter Oko

I joined the fellowship in 2003, Bro Joseph Ogundare was d coordinator. I was invited by cecelia then. Was in d singing ministry. My first day: got a very warmth reception , I met. Bro Joseph ogundare John, cecelia, Cynthia, innocent etc n since den always looking forward to come to d fellowship. Dou since I got married, I haven't been consistent but I try my possible to attend one in while.

Testimonial Nkechi Ola-joseph
Nkechi Ola-joseph

I joined the fellowship when bro Joseph ogundare was our coordinator. Chidima Amaefula invited me she is married now n I don't even no her where about anymore. I can't really remember d year sha.. Bro joe pls help me πŸ˜‚ but seriously am a really old member I joined when I was a boy... Bro Joe inspired me so much. I remember meeting nice ppl like taiwo, Ify umeh Susan umeh bro Chris Elomien, Dominic, Peter etc
We even formed an acapella group enuf gospel swag bak then πŸ˜‚ And a lot of sisters were dying to hear me sing bak in the days.
Av always added my small clownish comments during fellowship talks just to spice up d fellowship n mk members laugh n not feel too spiritual n Bro Joe liked it very much πŸ˜‚
I still do it small small but if course maturity has taken over... Av left it for icekid n judicious πŸ˜‚ they remind me of me bak in d days
Pyf is so Addictive I just can't let go of d wonderful ppl here that's y I give my all to d fellowship n wish to do more
I enjoy when we go visit our members after fellowship πŸ˜‚ that excites me d most
There was a time wen we All trekked n jumped buses but all of a sudden God blessed us with cars one particular year 2015...
Now we go on convoy when we visit
Today my brothers n sisters r married n have their sweet kids playing around d fellowship I can't wait for mine to come n I no clem Mike Peter Emma Bridget Bro Joe etc would be excited when that happens
Thank God for u all in my life
Word Group God bless you for speaking into me esp when am down
Singing group God bless you I enjoy our praise n worship
Intercessory thanks for the prayers
I love u all 😘

Testimonial Frederick Rapu
Frederick Rapu

I joined pyf about 5yrs ago after I lost my sister.
I actually joined CCRN. Before sis Juliet introduce me to pyf.
I was only looking for where I will grow in faith and serve God more.
It has been an amazing experience so far, from the different teaching,love and one ness shared, I must confess it has really transform my person positively. I can't forget the signing group, amazing people who has really touch and change my life so much with lovely songs. I also want to say a big thank you for the love shown to me when I lost my bro. Heart you all, family for life. God bless PYF.

Testimonial Onimisi Josephine Bose
Onimisi Josephine Bose

I can't really remember how I joined but I came into Lagos in 2009 for NYSC. Life was lonely and I needed some friends after serving for a year. I think I heard of the group in the announcements at mass and came in the evening to join. I met Dominic, Chychy, Ify, Peter, Clem, Fred, Ify Umeh (Agu) and so on. Turned out to be a second home that I looked forward to visiting everyday if I had the chance. I was a member of the word group. Does the group still exist?
I miss you all. I will try make for fellowship this Sunday.

One family!!!!

Testimonial Uche Chikezie
Uche Chikezie

I joined PYF in 2 years ago to be precise can't remember the month ....
I was still a member of teens club,moved to legion of Mary and I still used to see this fair pretty sister in her blazer suits sometimes and facecap as usual...she kept her name for 1 year out from me till I bumped into her to tell me get name before she now gave me the PYF flier about...I wanted her to come to my society but she insisted I do come to PYF first before I can bring my friends before she told me her name is Ugochinyere fortunately her composure and neighborhood close to mine pushed me more to know finally visit PYF on a silent mission before I met an unbelievable
.singing group led by sis Briggs,agatha ,Mc Nkemdirin,bro peter nwankwo,bro Clem,sis Claire,bro Fred, unknowingly to me it was their love feast bro Emmanuel ezegwu then coordinator welcomed me in...
I was dumbfounded,thrilled with the comics,spicy gist from late precious to bro peter nwankwo...you know to cut it short...infact after that day in my heart..i f I ever leave PYF,I have left Catholic church ..in this fellowship, I'm still learning the unrivalled breakdown of so many Catholic values being taught by these wonderful teachers of faith..I must confess..I have been so committed to the progress of PYF as a whole that is why I go about on surprise visits to PYF word group ,now a member in intercessory and cofounder of the new drama group which started a year ago.
Sorry for the long posts.. But I have being emotional when I remember what I learn everyday from PYF..
Thank you all I love you tooπŸ”₯πŸŒΉπŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ»

Testimonial Adigwe Francis
Adigwe Francis

When did you join PYF? :- I think it was around 2013/2014, I cannot really recall. But, the coordinator then was Bro. Clement ( now Mr.) 😁.
Who invited you?:- I was invited by my name sake and a big brother to me Igwe Ifeanyi .

How did you see the fellowship during your first time @ PYF? :- On my first day @ PYF, frankly speaking I was overwhelmed by the talk on that day, although I came late by not meeting up with the opening prayer and praises...
When the observing of new members came I introduced myself and then was told to meet one of the welfare member (If I could guess right I think it was @HAGNEX IDANG ) and I was told to join a group from the list of groups mentioned to me, but I said I would join later.
After about two - three weeks of my joining I later decided to become a member of the Amazing, Angelic and Loving SINGING GROUP. With the likes of Bridget, Juliet, Teedos, Agatha, Luke but to mention a few.

Then I was like the last born in their midst πŸ˜‚ 😁.

Comments :- PYF ( Parish Youth Fellowship ) has been a wonderful place to be with the company of many timbres and callibres of great integrity both male and female.
No wonder their slogan is

Testimonial Udoji Ifeanyi M. J
Udoji Ifeanyi M. J

May we know you :- I'm a Dominican Frair. I was ordained to the deaconate last year July and hopefully, this year, I'll be ordained to the priesthood. Someone mentioned to me, some time ago, that I'll ``probably be the first PYF Rev father`` - I don't know how true this is.
When did you join PYF? :- I joined PYF in December, 2006 I'm not sure of the date precisely.

Who invited you?:- this is quite complicated: I think my Bro. Jerome Akalite didn't invite me - he introduced me to PYF. At some point, I wasn't finding the Catholic charismatic renewal movement of the parish interesting. So, I joined him one Sunday to PYF in order to compare.

How did you see the fellowship on your first time at PYF? :- On my first day at PYF, I found the QNA/contribution session very interesting. I was almost forced to say something even if it was 'stupid'- thanks to Brother Christopher E. who was the coordinator then. I used to be a very shy person, but as a result of this interesting aspect of PYF, that shyness gradually left me. I was further helped by the singing group since we came out to sing almost every Sunday Claire Awale often fought me back then in the singing 🎢 group.

Comments :- I strongly believe that the PYF helped me to nurture my Vocation as a Dominican. I became more convinced of my Vocation because the fellowship, sometimes, invited some Dominican priests/Brothers to give talks and help the fellowship answer some difficult doctrinal questions.

I pray that the PYF will continue to grow and impact as many lives as possible. Amen. Thank you all. Always remember this: I go always pray for you.


Testimonial Samuel Obichukwu Akalite, OP
Samuel Obichukwu Akalite, OP

My own story differ o, in its entirety. I have always heard about pyf but then I only have Sundays to wash/clean/see families due to my work . until one beautiful day something caught my attention that I'd no choice but to show up with dear friend Anthony Igwe..(best PHOTOGRAPHER in St Dominic)we were invited by a damsel I won't name now,, this should be about 7/9 years now . Parish Youth Fellowship its a beautiful place every young Christian will Love to always be . I've not been punctual for like 2years now..i got disyracted in out during all this time till now ,*Life challenges nio*and during this time I lost my dear grandma,my Dad was very sick afterword, over a year until he died this year January 11th..its been a serious struggling for me but glory to God i Liveth..i missed PYF and I can't wait to be fully part again and again Please let's always extend this Love even to a non believer, I can never forget PYF till I Die even if am far my grandchildren will hear of the greatest gathering EVer . Love you guyz and thank you for been there always.

Testimonial Oloyede Olawale Andrew
Oloyede Olawale Andrew

I think i joined PYF in 2014 or so...i normally follow my mom to charismatic fellowship but i wanted to join a society..at mass i looked at d bulletin and saw the pyf fellowship and decided to attend that sunday.

Testimonial Festa Eto
Festa Eto

I joined the PYF in 2013 or 2014 (I think ) was invited by Fr. Felix Udolisa during my confession section, he actually said I should join to boast my spiritual life and its has been wonderful since I joined. Big thanks to bro Clement Nwamkwo who was our coordinator as of that time, he is always willing to give me a listening ear every time I come with my questions and confusions, he has a way of simplifying whatever dat seems difficult. The intercessory group was really helpful too, I became close to bro clement, Peter Nwamkwo, bro chidi. My Juli Juli (Julilet Osuagwu), sweet Hagnex (who will always tell you her mind with a straight face) and so many wonderful members. Joining the PYF is a decision I will always thank Fr. Felix Udolisa for, i truly became close to God. Thanks to everyone, we have truly touched each other’s lives in one way or the other. Love you all. One family.

Testimonial Sylvia Ikechukwu-Agu
Sylvia Ikechukwu-Agu

This should be my 4/5th year in the fellowship.

I went for confession and a priest told me to join the fellowship.

I truly can't remember what happened the first day I joined but it's been my second home, since then

Testimonial Emmanuel Oriaifo
Emmanuel Oriaifo

I am Taiwo Matthew Fowobaje I joined the PYF in 1999. I was invited by Sis Cecilia Akande a very strong member of the PYF and a leader of the Singing Group. Before 1999, Cecilia had spoken to me for about 1-year in St. Dominic's to come join the PYF. So I think she invited me like every Sunday for about a year and half as I was a Staff of St. Dominic's, but wasn't a Parishioner. This is because priory to when I came into Lagos in 1997 i have attended Churches and denominations available, but I have not been to a Catholic Church. The truth was that I developed hatred as a little boy of 7- 12years for the Catholic Church behind my house in Oyo, State, Ibadan for no reason or probably the way they prayed or what have heard Grow up people say about the Church.

But here I am in Lagos dropped by God in a Catholic Church. I worked first as a Traffic Warden every Sunday, then I later combined watching Car everyday for Rev. Fr. Bola Oye(The the Pastor of St. Dominic's till 2000) until it was time for him to travel to the US; but not before signing me into full staff as a Night Security Guard for the Church. Though he suggested the Parish Office, but I chose Night Guard.

Fast Forward to the Day Cecilia brought me to the PYF, I think I was ashamed for all her efforts and invite of every week for about 2-years. So I decided I will follow her on this Sunday. My First Experience amazing, @Joseph Ogundare was the Coordinator of PYF then and He had the luxury of having Guys/Ladies such as: Peter Hallelujah, John Emelife, Kingsley (Who looked & Spoke like Fr. Vincent Ubili), Dominic Awo, Christopher, MaryAnn Sunny (The then Secretary), Bro. Anthony (Whom I think later invited Bro. Chidi), Fredo & Peter Nwankwo, Cynthia Akande and more.

I immediately felt at home cos all this people spoke like Real Pentecostal Guys, though Christ, Dominic Awo and Kingsley would always speak like a Rev. Father would, but their in dept knowledge of the World of God was Amazing. So I could Relate with the Fellowship and I quickly turned the PYF to my Sunday Church since I have vowed not to enter into a Catholic Church and I couldn't attend the Pentecostal Church I want to cos of my Sunday Duty. I continued attending the PYF and it was my own Sunday Church for about 3-4years until the Holy Spirit led Dominic & Christ to start saying; The PYF is not a Church and you can't use the PYF to Replace the Holy Mass, Go to Mass in the Morning and come to PYF in the Evening. This Announcement went on for weeks and months that I felt it was a Gang up against me even though they didn't know me one on one at that point.

Finally, bcos of PYF, I started attending Mass, 1st by sitting on cars outside the Church for years, then I finally entered the Church, went on to Baptize as a Catholic, understand more about Catholic family and became a part of the St. Dominic's Family cos of PYF.

My understanding of God's Words started from nothing to where it is now cos of PYF, my prayer life Changed from just ``Sign of the Cross`` to one who can pray for 6-hours now if I want. I think I started speaking in Tongues in PYF. PYF is always there for its own. I mean I can't write a book without PYF, Bcos of PYF I come to understand that God made me go through the Catholic Church cos he has an Assignment for me in the Universal Church, the Assignment of Unifying the Church to make us see that we are all one. The Assignment of Breaking the Denominational walls that has divided the body of Christ for long.

Joseph was a real influence on me, is leadership style is absolutely absolute. Imagine leading Christ, John Emenife, Dominic Awo, Kingsley (The Catholic Bishops of PYF) and Peter Hallelujah, Bro. Anthony, Chidi (The Pastors of PYF). I say thank you Nathaniel Odidika Ezezebor, Maryann Sunny, Cecilia Akande, Fredo, Nkem, Peter Nwankwo, Adaobi, Adaeze, Clement Nwankwo, Chychi, Emmanuel(Coodi), Emmanuel Oriafo (Dep Coordi), Tony Dafe, Awele, Esther, Chiedu, Jerome, Deacon. Sam Akalite, Rev. Fr. Ben Oniwe, Rev. Fr. Patrick Akunne, Rev. Bro. Vincent Akpala(RIP), Rev. Fr. Vincent Ubili, Fr. Bola Oye for bringing what's inside me out for the Word to see. For helping me to move from one who couldn't himself to one who now giving talks at PYF, Churches and Large Congregations. For all the opportunities handed me in PYF I am Grateful. PYF forever.

*PYF IS A PLACE WHERE STARS IN CHURCH, LIFE & THE MARKET PLACE ARE Discovered, Developed and Unleashed to the World to Achieve God's Purpose. PYF IS THE PLACE WHERE GOD RAISE KINGDOM GENERALS. I Cherish my PYF.

Testimonial Taiwo Fowobaje
Taiwo Fowobaje

I joined PYF January 2014 invited by one and only Beautiful M.J MARYJANE MUOKA.
but before then every sunday Evening sometimes when I came to church I use to hear upstairs youths shouting in praises and worship so I keep asking myself who are this people and what is all about and I got no reply because I keep asking only myself. I can remebere vividly one day I came and Spy on you guys and I said to myself this is like a Confirmation class so I left..
The Upper week I saw MJ because she was my Neighbour also every Evening I use to wave at her when ever she's going to church not knowing that she's going to confirmation class 😁 ..but MJ like Earpic die and the volume is always high so I called her that day to wait for me but no way.
So I left on my own to church ..then I saw her again at the church evening time about going we greeted as Neighbor and she gave me the invite letter which I still have o.so the next Sunday I came and that's how I started..

It became part of me and part of my life my family that I always keep in my Heart even when I'm not around there is this oneness that will make you feel that your left out or miss alot if you don't attend..
In Terms of growing spiritually.
Is a church
Is a hospital
Is a school
For me.
I'm so Glad that I have you guys in my life never regret up to date in terms of support,Advice and much more.
And again SINGING GROUP big ups to you guys
That's the real PYF hahahahah😁😁😁😁😁😁 big ups to you guys also

Testimonial Kingsley Udeze A.K.A Icezkidarmani
Kingsley Udeze A.K.A Icezkidarmani

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