Seizing Opportunities in 2016



Opportunity is a time when a particular situation makes it possible to achieve something or a goal


With regards to the the topic Seizing can be defined as taking advantage of something

How can you create an opportunity?

In order to create opportunities for yourself, you need to do the following:

  • You need to have a heart of a hunter. For instance, when a hunter goes to the forest, he or she knows what animal to look out for in order to know the weapons/tools needed to catch or kill it. Hence the hunter is prepared will most likely achieve his or her goal because he or she planned and prepared adequately.
  • You have to be clear on what you want. For instance, when tuning a radio for a particular station, you should know what you want to listen to, even though you do not know the station. So what you want to listen to will guide you on what station to stop tuning on.
  • When you are clear on what you want, you need to move and search for the opportunity(ies) available around you.
  • You need to know where to find the opportunity by asking questions, as well as seeking the right people to help you. When you ask the right questions, you will be guided on if the opportunity you come across it right for you or if you are capable of handling the opportunity.
  • You should have in mind that not all opportunities that come your way are meant for you to handle. For instance, a mechanic doesn’t have business pursuing tailoring opportunities and vice versa because it is not in line with what he or she was trained and skilled in. Therefore, whatever is not in line with your goal, career or skill should not be pursued because it conflicts with who you are and you will not be capable of achieving results, unless you consult an expert in such field.

Bible Passage: 1 Samuel 17:12-54

From the Bible passage, as related to the topic, we learn the following:

  • Opportunities are God given and they may come when we least expect them.
  • David was a hunter.
  • He was humble, obedient and focused.
  • He asked questions to be sure of the opportunity available and if he was capable of handling it, by weighing his options, looking within on his talent/skill and the challenge ahead.
  • He was not scare of the challenge because he had developed himself in his skill and knew his capabilities
  • He did not stop asking questions and trying until it got to the right person to help him achieve his goal, even though people opposed him, especially his brother.
  • He handled it the way he know best. Despite, the instruction from the King for him to wear an armour and carry a sword, he knew he couldn’t accomplish the goal if he did not do it the way he was trained and skilled.

Tips to help you achieve your goal/Business

  1. Find a word that describes what you want to achieve this year. E.g SYNERGY, PATIENCE, RESILIENCE, GROWTH etc.
  2. Outline your objectives on how you can achieve your goal.
  3. Ensure your goal and objectives follow the SMART principle. (i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound)
  4. Look into if you can achieve it on your own or need to partner with other people. If you need to partner with people, ensure each person has something to offer and complement each other towards achieving the goal
  5. The goal/business should not be money centric but the solution it offers to you as an individual, to those around you and the community, at large. So making money fast shouldn’t be your focus but how beneficial your goal/business is
  6. Always trail where you are coming from and where you want to be in order to be focused and be aware of the things needed, in the present and future, to achieve your goal, because thing change over time and can affect the plan you had in the beginning
  7. Be innovative and look for new and better ways in achieving your goal.

Food For Thought

If an egg is broken from the outside, life ends;

If an egg breaks from within, life begins.

You achieve better with what you possess within and not what is force on you to do.


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